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Drs. Mike and Alanna Pierce

Drs. Mike and Alanna Pierce were both born and raised in Northern California. They graduated with their bachelors’ degrees in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from San Jose State University and San Diego State University. After which they continued on to receive their doctoral degrees from Life Chiropractic College West. During school they both had the privilege of serving on numerous mission trips in third world countries and received multiple awards for their outstanding clinical achievements.

After graduating, they each had the privilege of working alongside some of the most distinguished and renowned chiropractors in Northern America, receiving advanced training and certifications from two of the nation's largest health clinics in spinal correction, nutrition, exercise, and toxicity. Dr. Alanna and Dr. Mike have adjusted patients of all ages, ranging from just minutes old to 102 years of age!

Dr. Mike Pierce


My passion is educating and empowering people to reach the highest levels of health and performance possible. Growing up as an athlete I truly value the importance of performing and functioning at the highest level. I was inspired to become a chiropractor when I watched it change and save my dad’s life. The Maxliving approach to health seemed to be the most congruent and logical to me: find and correct the cause of the problem instead of continuing to treat the symptom.

Through my experience in helping people maximize their health I firmly believe the body needs no help to heal and function, it simply needs no interference. My overall goal is to help minimize the usage of medications, prevent sickness and diseases of every person, allowing them to live the life they want for as long as possible.

It is my wife and I’s mission to create happy, healthy families for a lifetime. We were called to Chandler and are excited to help every patient create the life of their dreams.

Dr. Alanna Pierce


I am so grateful for the opportunity I have everyday to serve and encourage people to reach their true potential, both in life and in health. My goal is to provide hope that people are not defined by their diagnosis but that their bodies can and will heal. My father at a very young age suddenly passing away from cancer; Growing up with a single parent, I understand the importance of health and how it can dramatically affect others. That is why I am on a mission to help every mother, father, sister, brother or friend get their health back so they can not only fulfill the life they were called to, but also inspire those around them to make healthy life choices. MaxLiving is striving to change the way healthcare is viewed and managed in this country, and I absolutely believe this is possible through education and each of us taking responsibility for our own health.

My Husband and I love our town, we are grateful for the mission we are a part of, and look forward to every person and family we get to meet and help achieve their highest potential.


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